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State-of-the-Art Veterinary Laboratory

While our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong, we can use laboratory testing and veterinary experience to discover underlying diseases and disorders. Crown Town Animal Hospital’s in-house laboratory features advanced analytic equipment to examine and test blood, urine, and tissue samples. Combined with clinical findings, this technology can help pinpoint the problem and guide the best plan for treatment.

Blood work is a particularly useful tool to tell us valuable information about your pet’s internal organ function and health. Preventive care blood work can reveal trends and evidence of disease even before symptoms appear. Routine monitoring of internal organ function can help guide appropriate treatments for chronic or developing diseases. During urgent care or acute episodes, a simple blood test can give critical feedback about the cause of the illness and the safe and appropriate measures to begin managing symptoms. Catching a disease early dramatically improves treatment efficacy and, ultimately, your pet’s quality of life.

Our Lab Features Diagnostic Testing

for the following:

Complete Blood Counts

Reference Laboratory

Blood Chemistry Equipment

Sedivue In-House Urine Analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzers

SNAP Testing

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