Veterinary Surgery

Surgery Services For Your Pet

The surgical needs of pets vary from routine spays and neuters, to wound repair, lump removals, dental extractions and more involved orthopedic procedures. Crown Town Animal Hospital’s experienced veterinarians perform surgeries every weekday utilizing some of the latest surgical techniques and anesthesia monitoring.

We know that pet surgeries can be a stressful experience for both the patient and their owners. We suggest that you schedule a pre-surgical visit to review any concerns with your doctor or to learn more about the procedure. We can also check your pet for any health irregularities that may result in an adverse reaction to surgical anesthesia. It’s critical that you follow any instructions that your veterinarian provides prior to surgery, such as diet restrictions, to ensure the safety of your pet while under anesthesia.

After your pet’s procedure, our staff will work with you to create a plan for post-op recovery and pain management. This might include a prescription for pain medicine or an overnight stay so that our staff can monitor their recovery. After the surgery, you may be asked to return to the clinic for a post-op visit or to remove any staples or stitches.

Common Type of Surgery

Abdominal Exploratory

Exploratory surgery may be needed to diagnose the problem. Symptoms could be sign of tumors, cancer, or the ingestion of a foreign object.


If your pet needs to have a limb or toe amputated, it can be a stressful time but it can be vital to successful treatment.


A biopsy is the surgical removal of a tissue sample from a suspicious wound, ulcer, abscess, or tumor.

Cryptorchid Neuter

When a dog’s testicles do not descend normally health problems can arise. This surgery is a more in-depth neutering procedure to help protect your pet’s health.


Treatment of bladder problems may require surgery including removal of bladder stones, bladder tumors, and blood clots.

Dental Extractions/Surgery

Aiding in bad breath and stained or rotten teeth. Comprehensive dental surgeries are also offered.


Trauma to the eye, tumors of the eye, glaucoma, and ulcers on the eye may require surgical removal for the health of your pet.

Laceration / wound repair

Your pet’s wounds should always be checked. Some can heal on their own, others will need medical assistance.


Mammary tumors can be very aggressive and require surgery. Crown Town Animal Hospital has the experience to get your pet the help needed.

Mass/tumor removal

A lumpectomy maybe required to remove abnormal growths, tumors or masses on a pet’s skin.


Pyometra is a uterine infection common in older, unspayed female dogs and cats.


Spaying and neutering your pet helps prevent potential health problems and helps to control pet over-population.


A splenectomy is the removal of an abnormal spleen often due to a mass on the spleen itself.

A vulvoplasty is a surgical procedure that may be recommended to correct a recessed vulva.

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